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Post Assessment Dwelling Fire
Provides property coverage. Ideal for rental properties and situations that do not qualify for a homeowners policy. This policy does not include liability coverage. Unlike most insurance coverages, under a post assessment plan the policyholder is billed for the insurance coverage at the end of the policy period.
The quote process will guide you through three screens.
  1. The first screen will collect your name and address and other basic information about you and what you are insuring.
  2. The second screen will provide you with a range of coverage options. You will make selections and enter the desired about of coverage. Help can be provided by clicking on a question mark. You can find out about more coverage options by visiting one or our agents.
  3. The third and final screen will provide you with a price and a list of agents who can help you obtain coverage from us. You should print out the quote and bring it with you when you visit the agent. This screen contains your quote retrieval code which will allow our agent to retrieve your quote and complete your application for insurance.
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